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Toast 6.1.1 Help! Asap!



Hello, I really need help trouble shooting a DVD project that I need done yesterday!


I am burning MP2 Video files (also linking the audio files) to DVD and everything works and looks great. I test the DVD on my Mac and it is great. I then test it to a PC and Windows Media Player can not read the DVD...wtf!?!?


What is the issue? Am I just out of date with 6.1.1? Or is there something else I can try?


Please help ASAP.


Thanks to all!

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There's nothing you can do differently other than to burn it to a different disc to see if that's the issue with the PC. I don't have a PC and don't even know if Windows Media Player can play video DVDs. But everything is right with the burned disc or it wouldn't play in a standalone player.


I believe there are older computers whose optical drives that can't read burned video DVDs. It also used to be necessary to install a UDF reader extension in older versions of Windows but that only applies if you can't play commercial DVDs on the PC either.

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Dang...I don't know what the deal is.


When I throw it into a PC the message "Unknown DVD" appears...but like I said...it works with everything else.


Could this be a software issue...should I upgrade Toast?

When the disc is in the Mac what name is on the disc in the Finder? Does it have any odd characters or a space before it? It could be the disc's name does not comply with the PC's requirements.


You should upgrade Toast. The version in Toast 6 had a lesser-quality MPEG encoder and this is much improved in later versions.

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Changed the name...still a no go in Windows Media.


I would upgrade if I knew this would resolve our problem.

There is one thing about Toast 6 and that is it only encodes PCM audio rather than the AC-3 audio that's common on most DVDs. The same is true with iDVD. But I don't see how that would affect the DVD being recognized on the PC.


If you have a Mac that meets the Toast 10 system requirements then you can purchase Toast 10 as a download from Roxio. If it doesn't work for you then you can request a refund within 30 days.


I'll ask PC users at the Roxio forum if they know what this might be. What version of Windows is the PC running?

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