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I went to the site, downloaded the file, installed it, restarted (even though it didn't prompt me to), and it still has 10/3/08 as the most recent date.


Same as me, latest update (directx_nov2008_redist.exe) .... Is that a problem?



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Yes, those are the three options I tried last night.


OK, I went to my video card's website and updated the drivers. I was able to burn to an .iso file. Then I right-clicked the .iso file and chose Burn Using Creator. Everything seemed to be going smoothly except when the program reaches 69% burned -- then it freezes. In Task Manager it's listed as Not Responding. It's done this twice now.


No, I don't know what software rendering is.


So now the .iso isn't a problem but the actual burning is. :)

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Yes I have. My error wasn't "freezing" or anything. It wasn't stuck at 0%. It simply attempted to burn and almost immediately gave me the error.


My video card is NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200.


That's a pretty old card by today's standards. Have you updated the drivers for it, and have you tried software render and burning to an image (.iso) file?

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OK, I downloaded VLC and used it to play the .iso file that I burned. It played, and I could click on the menus and all that, but when it played the episodes, it only played the first 20 seconds that were recorded, and then looped it continuously. Don't know what that means, but there it is.


No error messages, just hanging. I'm running nothing else but Firefox. I was watching CPU usage and it didn't seem to jump or anything before it hung.


I'm using Maxell discs. It seems silly to have to buy discs online in order to successfully burn with this program; don't know if it's worth all that.


WinXP Pro, 2GHz processor, 2GB RAM. I think it's choosing 12x for a burn speed -- it doesn't give me an option. When I right-click the .iso file and click Burn with Creator, it opens Creator and I can click Burn -- then it starts.


When I went to choose "Software," yes, something had already defaulted to that.


Although the Maxell DVDs are bottom of the barrel quality, get some Verbatims. The program does not care what DVD make you use, its your burner that will have problems with certain makes as well as your DVD player.


Your problem is still in creating the iso file. Do you mean that when you select a video from the menu, the clip plays only for 20 seconds? If yes then there is something wrong with your project or the actual video clips you are using.


Are you also running the latest version of DirectX 9c?

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