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Track information and .S2df files


Under what circumstances, if any does Toast 7 read the track info from ~/Library/Preferences/Info.cidb instead of going out to CDDB for the information?


Once the track info is loaded, and the CD-TEXT option is enabled, if I save an audio disc image in an .S2df file, is the track/CD TEXT info stored as well?


If track information does not get stored in a .S2df file, can I preserve this information if I store the disc image as a BIN/CUE file pair?




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I'm not sure of all the details regarding Toast's reading of the CD Info.cdib file. But the track info that's saved in a .sd2f file comes from what's displayed in the Toast window and not from the CD Info file. Changing the text in the Toast window does nothing to change what's in the CD Info file.


When you add the .sd2f file to Toast it reads the track, album and artist information that's been written to that file. When you burn the CD that information gets written as CD-Text, but does not get transferred in any way to the Mac's CD Info file.


The only time Toast modifies the CD Info file is when you insert a previously unrecognized audio CD and access the online CDDB via Toast. Otherwise, the file must be written and edited via iTunes.


Dougscripts.com has a sweet Applescript for transferring CD-Text info to iTunes for easy changes to the CD Info database.


Does this answer your questions?

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