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2009 Video Wave Freezes



Win XP Home




SLI Geforce 8500 GT (*2)


Was using Roxio 10 suite, which worked fairly well, except for random crash to desktops. Saw 2009 suite and figured it would help fix the problem.


Re-opened a VideoWave 10 project and it works fine until I do some text editing or something where I'm adjusting times or lengths. Then it'll freeze up completely and not come back online ever, requiring a ctrl+alt+del.


Tried a new project, same thing. Editing .avi files. It works ok on VW10, so I know its not some codecs issue or something. It'll open them ok, just freezes up on edit. The length of the file is like 20mb, so nothing crazy.


Uninstalled Roxio 10 and clean installed 2009, but same issue. Drivers are updated and so is WinXP. Searched for info, but appears that this is a common problem with no reported solution.


Any ideas? I've disabled some of the DiskWatch and such I found mentioned in another thread and also let it sit there for 10 minutes in case its searching through media, but it no joy.


Also have Roxio 10 on my laptop (3.4 ghz, 4mb ram, geforce 9650 w/ 1gb ram, 350gb hdd) and it is more stable there, but will about once in a while have a crash to desktop. The laptop has Vista on it.


Not putting 2009 on laptop, so far Roxio is 3 for 3...


Annndd the son of a #@)$% just damaged the production file, so now I have to go back to my last back up copy, losing hours of work. 2009 = Return to store, $ = return to my wallet, Roxio = never buy again.



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As CPUs these days are all clock locked, the only way you can almost double the speed is increasing the FSB


Do that and the RAM isn't meant to cope with a bus speed that high, so it's not surprising apps fall over


Cut the speed back to a reasonable level and see if that helps. There's no point in complaining abut software if your hardware is starting to cook

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