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Unable To Run Creator 2009 .net 2.0 Runtime Error Windows Xp



Roxio 2009 has been at TOTAL PIA to install. I trie so many things and wasted more than a DAY trying to get it working.

Here is how I fixed this error


1) Removed all previous versions of Roxio - I had remenants to 8, 9 and 10 on my system. To do this first run add remove programs and remove all items saying Roxio. In the older versions there are many individual componets.


2)Once you have done this go to Windows explorer and browse to \Program Files and delete any directories called Roxio - there a bits left over adter the un-install. Then browse to

\Program Files\Common and again remove any directories called Roxio.


3) Use a registry cleaner like ccleaner.com - this is totally free download and use the fix registry to remove old entries. Make sure you back up the registry in ccleaner before using the delete option just in case !!!


4) Run Regedit from file run. Browse to the HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE\Software section and delete the Roxio items.


5) Uninstall the Microsoft .Net 3.5sp1 option using add remove programs as this causes and install error (we will put back later)


6) Reboot your machine


7) You now have a "clean" install situation


8) Install Roxio 2009 software and content from your download


9) Download the Roxio Creator 2009 SP3 from the Roxio download site and apply this


10) You should now be able to Run Roxio 2009


11) Run Windows updates to get the .Net3.5sp1 service pack re-installed. This will not affect Roxio its just that if you look at other forums it checks for a file which is romoved in sp1 of .Net 3.5


Enjoy - for the Roxio folks this is one of the worst installations it has been my luck to encounter. Clearly has not been properly tested




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Yes that should do it, it is posted at the top.


The .NET 3.5 SP1 has interfered with a small number of installs. No one seems to know what installed the SP1 before Roxio was installed but the Roxio SP3 fixes it.


The vast majority just install it and don't have any problems.


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