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Plug And Burn Says Data On Dvd When It Is Blank



i am close to just sending this product back for a refund. it seems that its not ready for market and we are all just beta testers out here doing r&d for roxio.


after to much time spent on a signal error and now finally getting service pack 2 to resolve that i now am faced with yet another issue. when using the plug and burn feature i cannot click on "next" because the software seems to think that every blank dvd i put in the drive has data on it !



aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



will there soon be a service pack 3 now to resolve this ?????? i feel like im dealing with microsoft.


come on roxio



todd c/o cornerstone llc

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It is frustrating when you are starting out with software and hardware you are not familiar with.


And when there are problems with them it doesn't help!


The drive problem is a hardware problem with your computer and has nothing to do with the software. It is your drive that reports conditions and yours is telling the software that it doesn't have a blank disc.


Note that the disc must be blank You never ever format optical media when using an Authoring program.


Quick fix that may not work… Go into Device Manager and delete the Burner then reboot.


If that doesn't work go back to Device Manager and tell us the drive string. Also details about the media.


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