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Music Copying From Audio Cd





I am an old and long-time user of Toast for both Audio and Data burning.


I have been using Toast 6 for a long while. I know Toast has changed to take advantage of many editing possibilities in both audio and video editing.


My question is fairly basic. I like to drag and drop music straight from a CD into the active audio window, then shuffle/delete the songs and set music breaks manually. It is my understanding that this is no longer possible with the latest versions of Toast; 9 and 10. Is it true that one must use a media browser first (iTunes) in order to successfully burn audio files in Toast?


I import music at a low bit rate for my iTunes library for my iPod, and I like to copy/burn CDs at the original true audio size. I also don’t want the hassle of having two iTune libraries at different bit rates (high and low) just to burn a high quality audio CD.


I understand Toats’ Direct Copy mode, but I would like to have more control than this allows.


Any input would be appreciated.

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I just checked with Toast 10. I selected the Audio CD format in the Audio window. Then I clicked the Add button and chose the inserted audio CD. Toast automatically extracts the audio tracks as AIFF files. The extracted files are not accessible in the Finder; only in the Toast Audio window. I can, alternatively, extract the audio tracks in the Convert window to export in various formats including AIFF.

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