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How Do You Combine 2 Videowave Productions?

Al Gruber


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You can bring 2 videowave projects into one DVD project in the MyDVD program, but no, you can't combine two videowave projects into a new Videowave project. Here.



But they will not be really be combined into "one video" in myDVD but become separate titles on the menu page



Maybe there is a way to "combine" two simple VW projects into one. I just did a very quick test and it seemd to work. It will require more testing though


Suppose you have 2 VW project, project1.dmsm and project2.dmsm. Add project1 and select all and then select copy. Then open project2 and "paste" the copied project1 to the end of project2. This worked for me for a very simple project. I have no ideas if it will worke for complicated project with overlays, effect, added audio etc.

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