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Choppy Audio/video In Dvd Playback


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A few weeks ago, after downloading some .avi videos from internet,

I started having problems with DVD video playback using

WPV/WMA player, Dell Media centre on my 2-year old

Dell Inspiron Laptop. I am able to transfer any video/audio file from

the DVD disc on to the hard drive and then play it without a problem.

I am able to burn an audio CD; I am able to burn a video on a CD-RW (using WMP)

or DVD-RW disc. They will play well on my external DVD/CD player

but when played back on the computer via a DVD-ROM drive both

the video and audio are choppy. Making a disc copy from -RW onto

-R is sometimes successful. I have tried reinstalling My DVD LE (version 6.1.6,

uses CLImage VSD.ax, version

software by Roxio, updating drivers, etc. but to no avail. It rather made it

worse even in Media Direct which sort of was OK. All components seem to

be working properly when checked using troubleshooting routines. When

starting the DVD burn process I get a message that the DMA for one of

the recording devices is not enabled. However, I am not able to turn it on

by following the suggested steps. I suspect the problem is the DVD decoder?



Thanks for any suggestion.




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Thanks. After installing the VLC Media Player...the same problemwith playback, nothing has changed.




I thought it might be the decoder also but suggest you contact Dell and try to get the DMA problem sorted out as that's my guess where your problems lie.

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However, I am not able to turn it on by following the suggested steps.


If you really did try uninstalling the devices and controller the devices are on in device manager, rebooting and having windows re-detect them and reinstall the drivers for them, and # 3 in my signature for your operating system?


Shut down the PC turn the power off open the case and unplug both power and IDE cables from CD/DVD burners, boot the PC, once booted shutdown the PC, hook up the power and IDE cables and restart the PC. What does it do now and is DMA enabled?



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