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Easy Cd Creator 5 Error Messages


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Running windows xp home edition with roxio easy cd creator 5.3. Trying to burn audio file to CD-R and keep receiving the following error messages.


1) E80041899 Write error - buffer underun- (06/C5/00)

2) E80041925 Track Wirter error-command retry failed; (T7118)


What do I need to do to fix these errors. Thanks to anyone who can help me.



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The first error is a "Buffer underrun", and the second error follows on from that.


A buffer underrun is the situation where your computer can't deliver data to the burner drive fast enough for the burner, and so the burner's data buffer runs dry. This causes the burner to lose its place, and the burn is ruined.


Modern drives have 'buffer underrun prevention' systems which stop the burn to prevent the underrun, and then carry on when more data are available. These are useful, but still fail if you cut the data down to a tiny trickle. Nothing can help that.


The solution is to do things which will speed up the flow of data, or to slow down the speed of the burn.

-stop doing other things while burning so the system isn't busy elsewhere

-defrag your hard drive so it doesn't have to keep ducking and diving all over for fragments of files

-if copying from a disc, copy the data to the hard drive first and then burn it. Reading can slow down if the disc is scratched or dirty. Reading a disc in one drive while you write it to another drive only works under very good conditions.


These aren't the only things which will minimize buffer underruns. Look up the ECDC help system and search on buffer underrun.




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