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Firefox gets a fresh security update


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It's almost a daily occurance now that someone, somewhere figures out how to get into peoples systems. Kind of makes you wonder if some of this stuff are inside jobs or sabotage.



Mozilla has issued a security update for its Firefox open-source browser, just weeks after it released a large fix to address several browser security flaws.


The Firefox update is designed to address vulnerabilities in versions 1.5 through


Malicious attackers could exploit the flaws to cause a denial-of-service attack, which in turn may allow them to take remote control of a user's system, according to an alert from security research company Secunia, which rates the flaw as "highly critical."


The flaws may be exploited when people attempt to engage a deleted component with designMode turned on. While this typically will crash the browser, it could also result in an attacker running malicious code, according to a Mozilla security advisory. Mozilla oversees the development of the Firefox browser.


The organization said it released the version early to tackle the security issue. As a result, plans for a larger update will be bumped to version


The latest security release follows one issued in mid-April. The version was designed to address seven vulnerabilities, five of which were "critical" and could allow a malicious attacker to run code with virtually no user interaction.

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It's almost a daily occurance now that someone, somewhere figures out how to get into peoples systems.


Agree, starting to sound like IE and MS "critical" update security release.



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Some posts ago I suggested the same thing you might be suggeting Paul. That whoever it is that says they need to get you to download one of their "SECURITY" updates might be getting into your computer for other reasons as well. That probably would be almost impossible to prove but it sure gets one to wondering if it's possible.


I have also suggest (key word is "Suggested") that the very manufacturers that produce Anti-Virus programs just might have a completely different department coming up with new viruses. That's probably a stretch to say, but to me I can't figure out why some of the best computer programming minds in the world can't come up with a program or operating system that just plain STOPS ANY type of virus or other types of files that could harm a computer. Come to think about it a bit more---They probably could but we wouldn't buy it :)



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