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Creator classic problem burning to DVD+R



My system: Dell Dimension 8300, XP SP2 all updates. Dell OEM NEC 2100 AD DVD +R/RW writer, latest firmware 106F (R92733 from Dell). Ultra DMA mode 2, status OK in system information.



I use creator classic 8 module (build 805B56B ENU) to burn data to DVD +R disks as backups. This has worked fine until recently, but in the last two weeks or so I have been unable to burn a DVD +R. I get one of two error messages: either at the start of the burn I get a calibration error message, or it writes to disk apparently smoothly (constant speed of ~4MB/s) but right at the end when it is finalising, I get a medium error message. I have been using the same DVD media that worked well before (Philips) and also tried a couple of other makes (TDK, Sony). I also tried using a DVD laser lens cleaning disk, so far without success.



I can burn to CD without problems, the drive reads CD, previously burned DVD+R and DVD video disks without problems.



I don't have any other software that will burn to DVD.



Is there anything else I can try to fix this? If it is the drive beginning to fail, should I replace it, if so recommendations would be welcome.

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I would suggest testing using the lowest write speed available.


If you are getting calibration errors, and sense key errors, it may be indicators that the drive is starting to fail. If possible, test with a different drive.



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at the start of the burn I get a calibration error message, or it writes to disk apparently smoothly (constant speed of ~4MB/s) but right at the end when it is finalising, I get a medium error message.


A power calibration error and medium error is normally caused by problems with the media. Since you been experiencing problems with your drive or the media, and you have changed media manufacturer to test.


Eliminate process running at burn time and burn at a lower x speed. Do you have another puter you could swap drives. Do you have a friend you could try the media on there puter? Or borrow different media. You could save a large data file to a iso image and try imgburn a free iso burn program (google)


Drives do fail, buy a retail version my picks Pioneer, BenQ, Nec.



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Thanks all for suggestions. I tried burning at 2.4x max, without success (power calibration error again, so it never started the burn). The drive spec is 8x for DVD+R.

I'm off line and turn off AV when using creator classic. No other apps running at the time, plenty of CPU and memory available, so I don't think there is anything interfering with creator classic. I'm not doing anything different than I was doing before when it worked OK. The project validates without error messages before the burn attempt (4.1GB, mostly small Office files, some music and video clips, nothing lager than a ~200 MB).


So I'm petty sure it's either the drive or the media.


Unfortunately I don't have access to another burner nor access to another PC (no friends :-)). All the media I tried are on the recommended list for this burner. In all I've tried about 15 disks (including ones from the same batch that worked fine until recently), so I don't think they can all have been duds.


I'll try another lens cleaner, but if that does not fix, I think I'll buy a new drive (actually I'm still under warranty, but I don't know if Dell would agree that it is the drive that's failing as it passes their diagnostic tests).


Question: should I uninstall the NEC 2100 in device manager before shutting down the PC and replacing the drive with a different one? Dell recommends cable select setting rather than master/slave (I have a LiteOn LTD 163 DVD ROM drive on the same (secondary) IDE channel); Is that correct?

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Under no circumstances is the use of a CD Cleaning Disc recommended.



Why not? I've used them for years and have never had a problem. I use them on 5 systems, 3 laptops and 3 set top players, never once having a problem. I'm not talking about the cheap, .99 cleaner but a cleaner specifically manufactured for cd/dvd drives. Some of the cheaper ones have hard brushes that are not good.


Not that you can always trust whatever you read on the net but one tech site has a Q&A that states:

Q: Do I need to clean my CD or DVD drive in any way?


A: You should, yes. Problems with reading and writing CDs or DVDs are not always because of a scratched or damaged disk. CD and DVD drives, not unlike VCR players of old, can benefit from a periodic cleaning, every six months or so. You can purchase lens cleaning disks now just as you could lens cleaning tapes some time ago. These help to remove dust buildup that can affect the playback of your disks.


And, Maximum PC has printed articles on the benefits of keeping your drive clean. Even a short blast of canned air (not too close) is beneficial.

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The cleaner disk I used is specifically for DVD drives, not one of the cheap variety. I thought it worth trying as a last resort.


In the link posted by cdanteek, he quotes Pioneer as advising the use compressed air can. That runs counter to other advice I have had, that compressed air may just push the dirt further into the drive and may also cause the laser lens assembly to go out of alignment.


All rather confusing..

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