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Cannot Format Dvd



What I am using:

Memorex DVD-RW 4x

Plextor PX-716UF drive

Roxio Easy Media Creator 7


I want to burn a DVD-RW but everytime I try to I get an error message saying "The disk media is not recognized. It may not be formatted."


Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 and my computer recognize it's a blank disc.


When I try to format the DVD-RW a message saying "Format operation on drive D:\ failed. The drive failed to process a command."

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The Plextor PX-716UF is external.


CDBurnerXP is a free software program. It is not made by Microsoft.


I don't know how my drive can be dead when it plays everything else and I only used it a couple times before. When I have Data Disk open in Creator Classic and put a DVD-RW in the drive at the bottom left corner of the Creator Classic program it recognizes that it's a DVD-RW. I found this answer on another message board concerning Focus Servo Failure.


The "Focus servo failure" message is a hardware error. It can be caused by the following:


POOR MEDIA - Try more than one brand of CD-R media to rule this out as cause.

POOR POWER - The power to your recorder could be fluctuating. If you have an internal recorder, try a different power connector and make sure it's not being shared by any other devices. If you have an external recorder, if possible, remove it from the external chassis and connect it to your system as an internal recorder. If this resolves your issue, you need to replace or repair the power source in your external chassis.

MESSED UP OPTICAL HEAD - is dirty, needs alignment, or recorders circuit board has an open coil - please contact your recorder manufacturer to service your unit.



Did you ever try a different brand/type of DVD? You said that you were going to, but never said if you did.

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