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Content Cd





I recently got a new computer with XP sp3 on it. It came with "Roxio Creator DE 10.2" - which I didn't like and uninstalled. I have a copy of EMC 7.5 that I really like and tried to install it. Towards the end of the install I got the message "Insert content CD" I have no options and no matter what CD I put in the player it isn't looking for it.


I went into the regedit and removed all references to Roxio. I then attempted to re-install and got the same error message. I tried to copy the CD to the hard disk thinking maybe it was my CD player. But trying to install from hdd gave me the same error message. I copied the CD onto a thumb drive from another computer still thinking it was my CD player and at the same spot in the install I got the same error message.


I don't understand why this isn't work? When I installed this on my previous computer several years ago I had no problems. I have a screen shot of the error and at the point during the install but not sure how to attach it to this.

Suggestions anyone?





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When you're making your choices for installing 7.5 make sure you don't include the "Content" in those choices, or else have the 7.5 content disc handy.


I received 2(two) disk with my 7.5 EMC and then another one that says CD creator. When I get the error message I've tried inserting the other (CD creator) disk and that is not what the install program is looking for. Exactly what is the "content" CD?




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In My 7.5 I have the "Program" disc, with the top half of the label in orange, and the "Content" disc which is black on a white background.


The Content CD installs more menus, clipart, styles and stuff, after you've installed the Program one.


I don't know what your third CD would be, I only got two. :) What label does it have, or what files does it contain?



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