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Dvd Menu Will Not Display After Burn



I just installed Roxio Creator 2009 today after having Roxio 9 for several years. I completely de-installed Roxio 9 and rebooted before installing Creator 2009. I also applied the latest updates to Creator 2009. Everything works fine. I created a menu-based DVD today from home movies transferred to a DVD-RW, then on to my hard drive. I successfully created chapters and everything tested OK in the MyDVD test window. The project validated OK with no errors. I created an ISO file (took approx. 3 hours). I then used Creator 2009 to burn the ISO file to a Kodak brand DVD-R. The burn was successful. However, there are no menus when I play it on our DVD player connected to the TV and I also tried using Cineplayer and PowerDVD on my PC. Same results.


Interestingly though, when I use the next button on the DVD remote to advance to the next chapter it does advance to the chapter that I did create. So, it knows where the chapter breaks are but there is no menu.


Help! I am finally getting started on transferring home movies and I need to keep the momentum. I have never had this happen and I have had versions 5,6 and 9 of Roxio.



Tim Lister



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That is one long post just to say the menus don't show up… :lol:


Of course it woks the same way it did in your previous versions. If you Add one thing in MyDVD you get ONE Menu button.


Press the button and the movie plays.


If you Edit Chapters and have the checkbox for Create Chapter Menus, checked then when the Menu button is clicked, it will transfer to the first Chapter Menu.


Look carefully at the Project View in the lower left. Notice the Chapter menus pages and buttons created:




Get yourself some RW media so you can do testing and reuse it until you understand how it works.


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