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Easy Cd Creator 5 Platinum For Windows Xp


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Easy cd creator 5 platinum worked fine in windows XP so far. Unfortunately I had to reinstall XP and most of my software.

I was unlucky with easy cd creator. It tells me right away that this software is not compatible. What can I do?

I cannot upgrade something which isn´t on my computer, right?


Thanks a lot for your help!



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What can I do?


What are you wanting to do ? You haven't made yourself clear.


-upgrade it [to which version] ?

-remove it ?

-install it successfully ?


If you want to install it successfully, read the pinned post above, "Installing ECDC version 5 in XP"

If you want one of the other things, please tell us.




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Perhaps you are confusing update and upgrade. An update would be an improvement of a program that is already on your computer, for example a service pack. An upgrade is a newer version of that program.


The current version is Roxio Creator 2009. Perhaps you can get a slightly earlier version (EMC 7.5/9/10) from an on-line store or something like e-bay. First make sure your computer exceeds the minimum specs for the product. Also make sure you get a full version and not an OEM version. If you have an old, slow computer, with an on-board video chip, perhaps 7.5 would be best for you. If your computer is better and you want to work with high definition video, Creator 10 would be the one you want. Look around for sales, I've seen Creator 2009 as low as $50.


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