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Drag To Disc



Well now Ive figured out it was a useless tool but I tried to burn a DVD using drag to disc, is there anyway I can recover the dvd and try to burn it again? I deleted the file on it or erased it but I went to burn a dvd on it in MYDVD and it says disc is not blank even though nothing is on it. Thanks for your help. Also should I just delte Drag to Disc off my computer? would it save me anything?

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Hi Linty,


I'd suggest you at least disable Drag 2 Disc, if not uninstall it. It doesn't take that much room on the hard drive, but unless you understand its limitations and have a particular purpose for it, then it can get you into a power of trouble. Disabling it or removing it from the startup list in Windows would save you those problems.


If the disc was a re-writeable disc then it can be erased and used again, but if it is a DVD+R or DVD-R disc then it is now officially deceased!


Drag to Disc formats discs with a special type of format, after which they can only be used by Drag to Disc [the exception being a rewriteable, which can be erased and reused] so that's why the disc was reported 'not empty' because it had been formatted, even though it had no user data on it.





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Thanks a bunch for the help, wish I would have known that before I did a bunch of drag to discs on my DVD-R meh learned my lesson now. So the best way to burn a video onto one of my DVD-Rs would be to to use mydvd? Again thanks for your help, luckly my PS3 still reads those dsics just not any DVD player.

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