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Disc Size Brun Size And Real Size





I burnd several Blu Ray but they where never close to the full disc size.

Yesterday I did brun 4 files which where proress422 and HD 1440 x 1080(from HDV) to Blu Ray

1. 42.22 GB 56m 32 sec

2. 12.96 GB 17m 43 sec

3. 41.78 GB 56m 56 sec

4. 20.22 GB 23m 15 sec


Al ok, i choose a menu and choose submenu's and the processbar unde rin the Toast window did go up and I had left 347,7 MB disc space

My Mac rendered form 20.00 until 24.30. And i did take a look the next day addn it shows it had 382 MB disk space to short so it would not burn?

I shorten the las movie to 19m 44 sec adn I did burned a lovely wedding video on Blu Ray.


But is this a bug ?

The bar showed me I had left 347,7 MB Toast was showing my disk wil be 22.28 GB the space on a Blu Ray is 22.56 GB

And after encoding it was saying that it needed 22.94 GB and it had for 380 MB no more space.

Good this be more precise?


And my customer it no so happy with the menu structure on Blu Ray. They want to have it like the SD version (Chapter makers from FCP)

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