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Will Photoshow5 Become Obsolete This Year?


I have e-mailed some of my Comcast photoshows over to Photoshow5 as received shows, downloaded them ,renamed them and played them to see if they were still intact. All music and transitions seemed ok.


So I uploaded some to Roxio Online. So far so good.


Then I edited one with the Roxio Online editor, seemed okay. I emailed myself a copy of the show.


When I tried to download the received show again with my Photoshow5, I got an error message.

I also did this with other Roxio shows I created in Roxio5.


They could not be downloaded either after being edited with the Online Roxio editor.


NO. I haven't signed up yet for the Online Roxio version yet, until I can rescue all my 100 Comcast shows.

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Well MJ, that was relly helpful. :blink:


No one that frequents these boards would be privy to that information.

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