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Menu Selection / Looping Glitch In Mydvd 8



I have been using EMC 8 for a year now with relatively no problems... i edit video segments in VideoWave 8, and then create a simple dvd menu (jpeg background image, 2-3 movie buttons max) in MyDVD 8, burn to an ISO file (software render) and then copy to DVD-R.


Now, i'm getting a successful encode to ISO file - no error messages or problems. when i burn the dvd, also no errors or problems, tho it's a very full project. According to MyDVD, only 250 or so megs left free. The menu preview works perfectly as well.


However, in a dvd player, the menu music (which is my own wav file, edited to last just over the 66 second menu loop length) drops out at 9 seconds in, then comes back, and my purple menu item selector disappears and i get no response from the remote.... until the menu loop starts over, and the selector comes back just for the first 9 seconds... brief audio dropout again, disappearing selector again, and so on.


If i select and play one of my movies within that first 9 seconds, i'm good. all the files are there, playback fine, etc. It's just the playback loop of the menu screen... i'm making these for family to keep a long time, and i'm a perfectionist... plus i just like the menu to work properly. ANY IDEAS out there on what the heck might be causing this odd glitch?


I've tried encoding multiple times, and burned to various brands of blank media, all to the same result. Actually, though, i've found ONE computer dvd player (Power DVD) that seems to play the menu through without the glitch. Windows Media Player won't, though. All my other burned projects (done the exact same way) work perfectly on the home dvd players i'm getting the glitch with on this one.



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