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Device Error In Burn Project



I have tried several times to copy a VHS tape to DVD using Roxio Easy VHS to DVD. I used the Video-Movies option from the main menu; using Plug and Burn under Import as suggested by the instructions. Each time I receive a message "An unrecoverable device error orrurred. Error while finalyzing disc" This occurs in the Burn Project mode; the Overall Program is at 97% and the Current Task: Finalyzing Disc is at 100% Everything freezes up. The DVD obviously has something imprinted but will not work anywere


The odd thing is that I have successfully copied other tapes before and after this occurs. Could this be a problem with the tape or am I missing something?? Thanks for you help.



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Don't you just hate those 90+% failures!!!


Our usual bag of tricks cannot be used with this cut back software so we will have to try some other things…


Media: Verbatim is one of the few disc labels that actually make their own discs! The rest rely on the lowest bidder… Get some!


Also get some RW discs for testing.


Hardware: Check for firmware updates for your Burner.


Make sure nothing else is running on your PC and tip toe out of the room while it is burning as thought it were a cake in the oven!


User: Plug & Burn is risky on a good day! Avoid it.


Use Capture then either edit in VideoWave and go to MyDVD to burn or just go directly to MyDVD. (don't rely on editing in MyDVD it will bite one day)


Keep them short - 4.7Gb DVD = 1 hour of HQ Movie... Don't push!


See how this works out for you.


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Thanks for the tips. I will try them. I was using Maxell which I thought would be pretty good. I'll get some Verbatim.


Thanks also to Grandpabruce from grandpaFred for putting this in the right spot. Sometimes it takes us rookies a while to learn the system.


And yes, flaming out 4 times at 90%+ is a bit of an annoyance!


Thanks again for the help. I will call again if I continue to need help.



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