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Upgrade 1.0.3



I have just downloaded the upgrade for Popcorn 1.0.3 and installed it in my Roxio Popcorn folder in Applications. The installation instructions say...


To Update Popcorn.

Drag the Popcorn file above into The Roxio Popcorn folder on your h/d. When prompted to replace the older file with the newer one, click on the "Replace" button.


I did not get a "Replace" request and now have in my Popcorn folder Popcorn 1.0.2, 1.0.3 and 2.


Can someone please advise if I should simply delete v 0.2 or not. I appreciate that Popcorn 1 & 2 are different programmes and need to keep both.


Some advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you manually rename the Popcorn icon from the Popcorn 1.0.3 update to read as Popcorn 1.0.3? By Default, the name is shown as Popcorn, which is why you are prompted to replace the previous version.




Thank you for your reply.No I did not rename the Popcorn icon!


Just delete v 1.0.2 and use the 1.0.3. There is no harm in having both on your hard drive; but it also is unnecessary.


Thank you.

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Guest ivanatrox

contact Roxio support online... if you registered your Popcorn 1 before or can provide your proof of purchase for your Popcorn 1, they should be able to help you...

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