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Installation Options and Upgrades



It seems to me that the current "fix" for not wanting Sonic CinePlayer or BackupMyPC installed of copying the CD and removing the directories (I know, this is what I have been told to do) is unacceptable these days! The installation routines for Easy Media Creator 8 are frankly appauling! Roxio/Sonic MUST do something about these so that users actually get control of what is installed on their PC rather than software being installed automatically, without their direct permission (sounds a bit like a virus/PUP does it not).


Installation software these days should...


1. provide complete control over what is installed, allowing the user to deselect items that they don't want installed - informing them if there are dependencies by deselecting options, and making the installation work in whatever configuration they eventually land up with.


2. nothing should be installed "silently" - if something is to be installed and is mandatory, it should be listed as such on the installer - users need to know what software is doing to their machines. Look at the issues surrounding the Sony Rootkit (different scale, I know, but similar issues of control). This should also include information (which is not hidden in EULAs, etc.) about services and/or drivers that will be installed.


3. in tools such as the Roxio Central, options that are not installed should ideally not be shown - the user has selected not to install these options, so they don't need to be given an option on the main page simply to tell them that they need to install this!


4. finally, updates to software should be uninstallable, so that problems caused by the updates can be undone by uninstalling the update - the current update to 8.05 breaks MyDVD every which way I try to update it! Furthermore, the updates should be more granular so that some components can be updated whilst others are left alone (yes, I know this means understanding dependencies - but I would hope that Roxio/Sonic do so, although the evidence points to this not being the case - and I know that more testing would be required, but given the quality of the 8.05 patch, this would not be a bad thing either)



So, come on Roxio, give the users the level of control that is expected and needed these days to be able to install the components of your software THEY want - not the stuff YOU want them to have! and improve your quality of both installers and updates! You have increasing competition from both established tools and the Open Source/Freeware community, so you need to get better or you will simply not be able to get away with charging the amount you do for the software (and for upgrades between versions)!

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There are VERY few posts to any forum that I agree with 100%. This one is an exception. You hit it right on.


One addition might be to tell the installer if there is a POSSIBLE problem with installing something. For example, if you install Symantec Go-Back on a machine with dual boot, every hard drive on the machine will be unusable and all data is lost. The new versions say that, the early ones didn't say.


Another example is that the database in Easy Media Creator might cause severe problem on a machine with thousands of MP3s and movies. I didn't know before I installed :-(


GREAT post.

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