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Video_ts Compilation With All Menus?



I've been trying to compile 2 VIDEO_TS folders on one DVD. They are small enough to fit without any compression. When I drop the first one in the window, the Summary says Menus: Yes. But when I add the second, it changes to "No."


1. Is there a way to have Toast make a simple menu to choose which of 2 or more VIDEO_TS folders to play?

2. How do I get the menus that are part of the VIDEO_TS folders to work when compiling DVDs to one disc?


So what I want is a single DVD disc with 2 complete short DVDs (VIDEO_TS folders) compiled on to it, with a MAIN MENU to select the movie to watch, and still have each DVD's own menus function once the movie is selected on the main menu. Can this be done?


If it can't be done with Toast alone, is there a way to do it with something else (that's simple to learn)?

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