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Modif? Easyvhstodvd




modif. Required modifications


inferior, second-rate, not good enough, low; see cheap 1, poor 2.

if you got roxio easy VHS to DVD I am sorry for you but i do hope you Got it on line you have some hope of getting your money back right?

I paid cash from the store and I can trade it for another one. Why? It’s the programming that is not right.


I’m not looking for help any more I got lost win I went to get help

All the effort by phone and all online lacked human help.


I read blogs, telling me to get updates that don’t work, delete this or that. All I wanted was to copy my family videos to dvd. That is all I wanted was a simple product that will install and work. Instead all I got from Roxio VHS to DVD was stress and headache.


ok hope this helps

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