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cdr4_xp.sys BSOD - My Solution



I ran into the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) a couple nights ago during a complete uninstall of EMC7.5 and 8, then reinstall of EMC7.5 on WinXP SP2. I was using a boxed version of EMC7 and the downloaded version of the EMC7.5 upgrade.


The MS solutions found here or here looked painful to perform. So I discovered a quicker work-around. I hope this can help someone else. It may also work in Win2k.


I had completely uninstalled both 7.5 & 8, then ran the Registry Cleaner found in jv16 Power Tools (30-day free trial) to remove Roxio's detritus. There we go - a nice clean system just as if Roxio were never installed.


Just after finishing a custom reinstall of EMC7 (no Napster, no Drag2Disc) and reboot - the feared BSOD was the result. On the BSOD I noted the error "Driver unloaded without cancelling pending operation" and filename "cdr4_xp.sys" at the bottom.


If you're at this point, this is what you do:

1. Reboot in Safe Mode (tap F8 repeatedly as WinXP is booting up. Select Safe Mode from the boot list)

2. Login as an administrator or a user with administrator rights

3. Open My Computer, open the c: drive, go to Windows/System32/Drivers

4. Find the file "cdr4_xp.sys" (or cdr4_w2k.sys in Win2k). Rename to "cdr4_xp.sys.old"

5. Reboot normally.

6. Go to Roxio, download and apply all updates (cdr4_xp.sys gets updated too).

7. Reboot normally.

8. You're done and can start the install of the 7.5 upgrade.




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