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Music Lab Record Now 9 - Can't Burn A Cd?

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I have tried to read through your forums, but haven't seen a thread for this particular problem. If I've missed one, I'd be most appreciative if someone would guide me in the right direction.


I purchased Roxio Record Now Music Lab 9 some time ago, and have just recently gotten around to setting it up. There doesn't seem to be a reason it won't work on my computer, but, I'm having difficulties.


I run XP.


I can load songs into the Roxio. I can save them as "data", but when it comes to burn the CD in Audio mode, the CD does not "finalize" and it seems to do what I would call "lock up my computer". I have to actually shut down/re-start the computer to get the disc out of the drive. And, when I try to play the disc in a CD player, it states the disc is not "finalized".


I have manually tried to finalize a disc after it's been finished with the "tools" section of Roxio, but to no avail.


Last, I have tried to make an mp3 from the file, and this is when the burner always stops at 71%, and the computer locks up.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to start looking for the problem, or better yet, has anyone else had and fixed this problem?


I chose Roxio, because I loved the old Adaptec program with the color coded drag and drop files. However, This is not cutting it, and I am starting to think maybe I need a different program. I mix my music for work and need a simple, easy, and visually timed program like this, but preferrably like the old Adaptec. Any other suggestions out there?


Thanks in advance for any help ya'll can provide.

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Well, this is interesting: I opened a ticket with Roxio and initially I recieved an automated response with links as to what to do while waiting for an answer.


We have received your submission!


Your ticket number is: xxxxxxx


Click here to view ticket



What's Next?

Hold onto this e-mail so you can reference the ticket number and check for updates to this incident.


Once a Roxio Agent begins working on your Ticket, you'll get an e-mail from him or her with their advice to resolve your problem. After that, you can respond for further assistance, if necessary.



While You're Waiting...


  • Here are some of our most common issues that customers contact us about.
  • Lost your CD-key or serial number?
  • Can't burn your disc or get errors trying?
  • Need to re-download your software?
  • Want to speed up Creator?
  • Need an update regarding your rebate?


Also, check out our User Discussion Groups and find out how customers like you fixed their problems by asking other customers or the sage advice of our expert Gurus.


We'll be in touch soon,


The Roxio Support Team


**This e-mail is an automatic response and cannot be responded to.**


Next I recieved a pat answer link with a copy of their item number 3 in the above provided list. No questions about my specific problem, no addressing the hang-up issue or the 71% problem.


A Roxio Agent has responded to your ticket! (# xxxxxx)


Resolving General Burning Issues




When burning a CD or DVD, you receive an error about your blank disc not being recognized, burning does not complete, or your media is rejected.




Burning errors can happen for a variety of reasons. Roxio has found that doing the following steps resolves about 80% of all burning issues. Please give all these steps a try and see if it fixes your writing problems.



Update your drive's firmware/drivers. Most companies regularly update their firmware and drivers. If you are unsure what model your burner is and its firmware, click here to find out.



Enable DMA. Direct Memory Access enables better efficiency of data. For more info, check how to enable DMA.


Your media. Check the following:

The disc is clean and unused.

The media is recommended by your burner's manufacturer or try a different brand, preferably a name brand, if you continue to have problems.

Make sure that media (-R/+R, -/+RW, dual-layer compatibility) is supported by the burner by checking burner's manual or manufacturer's website. This is especially true for some Blu-Ray burners which do not support CD-R/RW media.




Lower the write speed of your burner.


If your burner is external, make sure it is connected directly to the computer via USB/Firewire and not a hub or other other device like a sound card.


Update to the latest PX Engine. The PX Engine improves compatibility with newer burners on the market.


A reinstall of the burner's drivers may also help.

Windows XP: Go to My Computer and choose Properties.

Windows Vista: Go to Start --> Control Panel --> System and Maintenance --> Device Manager.

Click on the Hardware tab.

Select Device Manager

Expand DVD/CD-ROM Drives, then select your burner and uninstall it by right -licking on it.




Related Articles


Resolving Video Burning Issues

Resolving General Burning Issues with Macs



What's Next?


1. Log into https://selfserve.roxio.com

2. Click on View Your Help Ticket History.

3. Click on your ticket number to view the response and update.

4. If you should need more help with your request, please click on the “update” button to update your ticket. (Note: Tickets will automatically close if no response is received within 5 days)




Roxio Customer Care




Give us feedback on your Roxio Customer Care experience! Click here to take survey.



Documenting here, for others to be aware of and also for myself as I get the feeling this is going to take longer than I had hoped.

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