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Mydvd - Highlight And Scheme Function



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I've been muddling through VideoWave and MyDVD for a while now, and while I've managed to turn out a passible product at this point, I am almost _completely_ flummoxed by the title functions. Does _placement_ of any color in any square on the 4x4 "HIGHLIGHT COLOR PALETTE" configuration grid mean anything, or is it totally random? And clicking to the SCHEME configuration panel, what do MAIN and SECONDARY indicate/affect?


Thanks for any assistance. I've read the manual (snort), searched these forums, GOOGLED most of Known Space, and my head STILL hurts.


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LOL Join the club! Hopefully you have noticed that the View / Settings is context sensitive. Meaning what you select or don't select on the menu will change the options in the Settings.


Select NOTHING and you should see the Palette by default (first Tab in settings). it is just that. A palette of colors to choose. Make sure you have changed the Palette to your colors before changing the Schemes.


To change the colors in the Schemes:

Select NOTHING and click the second TAB

You should see this...


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