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Blu-ray Question


I am using a La Cie Blu-ray writer with Toast Titanium 10 to create Blu-ray discs of an HD project I have been working on. I have now also bought a Blu-ray player (Sony S350) so I can see my Blu-rays as well as write them! I have written two test BDs on the writer and both play absolutely fine on the Sony machine. They were encoded from an uncompressed HD QT file at 25p.


I am pleased but rather confused that my 25p encodes play absolutely fine since I thought 25p was not supported on Blu-ray (but I wanted to check it)!!! Has Toast changed the playback speed in the encode I wonder (but it doesn't look or sound like it) or is this frame rate now supported? Does this mean that I can now do a batch of BDs from my 25p QT file and be confident that they will work on other Blu-ray players around the world or is this just UK compatibility?


Thanks in advance for any clarity on this issue.


On another point, I would like to add a DTS encoded 5.1 surround encode to my Blu-ray discs but I'm not sure how I do that in Toast. Do I need the Professional version to enable me to add other audio content?


All the best.

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