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Burning Disc Image



For some reason I get this error when I try and burn a disc image. My burner works fine with Roxio when burning CDs and even when creating DVDs. I have a DVD image that I am trying to burn and I keep getting this same error: "Please insert a blank or rewritable CD into the TSSTcorp DVDRW DL (I:) drive". I know the problem isn't the disc with my burner or the burner itself because they both are fine when trying to create anything else. For some reason it just acts up when I try to burn a disc image. My burner is a TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H653L according to my device manager. Any suggestions on how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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The video's .DAT file? Was it a VCD or SVCD ?


Which application in this suite were you trying to burn the image with?


It is a kvcd.


I open up Roxio Creator 2009, go to Data-Copy, and under Create I go to Burn Disc Image. I'm not quite sure of what your asking, but that is exactly what I do. I then select the .cue file and hit Go.

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Thanks, that explains it. KVCD is a non-standard format, and the answer is found on their own site, KVCD.net.


You must burn the KVCD MPEG files as non-standard VCD or non-standard SVCD (depends on your player) with Nero or VCDEasy.


Using KVCD parameters to create DVDs (KDVD), will enable you to create 100% DVD compliant MPEG-2 streams, capable of playing on any standard DVD player. This will allow you to put up to about 6 hours Full D-1 720x480 on one DVD, or about 10 hours at Half D-1 352x480.




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Since it was made for a CD, try it on a CD???


As stated earlier, I have tried burning it to a CD. I still receive the same error.



In Roxio that is. I tried burning the image to a CD with ImgBurn and it worked fine; played perfectly on my DVD player as well. All the facts show that Roxio is the problem here. When creating an audio cd with Roxio it is fine. When creating a DVD with Roxio it works fine. I just can't burn an image. The image burned fine when using ImgBurn after I tried it with a CD. My previous ImgBurn error I posted was what I got when I tried it with a DVD. Some hours later I tried with a CD and it worked fine, which I never got around to posting that result.



Looks like it's a CD in RAW mode.


How was the image made, Darepoo ?


Not sure how the image was made. It is a movie that I downloaded via a torrent. Usually I would just mount the image and convert the videos .dat file, and then burn it, but I removed the software that allows me to do that.

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Try Imgburn and see if it works. If not, then you will have to start looking at the drive.


When I try using ImgBurn I get this:

Your image doesn't appear to be of the correct format for burning onto a DVD.


Session 1, Track 1


Image track format: MODE2/FORM1/2352

DVD track format: MODE1/2048


Would you like the program to convert the data to the correct format 'on-the-fly' as it is written?


Note: The actual image file is not changed


When I choose yes I get this:

Your image doesn't appear to be of the correct format for burning onto a DVD.


Session 1, Track 2


Image track format: MODE2/FORM2/2352

DVD track format: MODE1/2048


Sorry, no conversion between the two formats is possible.



I don't understand how it could be the drive if it burns everything else perfectly fine.

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