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Dvd Freezing



I edit wedding video's with pinnicle stidio. Fron time to time my clients DVD's freeze's in there DVD players. I lowered the settings corrected all the right settings in pinnicle. I burn my DVD's directly to disc in Pinnacle> My question is with it beneficial for me to make a ISO FILE and then burn this file in Rixeo at a slower speed. Would this help me. Need all the help I can get

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Quality media + Quality burner.


Frankly I have never burned at anything less than full throttle.


My distribution is not as wide as yours but the only thing I have ever had to do was give one friend a re-burn on 'dash' media instead of 'plus'.


The slower burning speed is needed to compensate for poor media and/or a weak laser.


If you really have to burn at a slow rate it could make no difference what program you use!


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