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Second Project Has Many Files, But Zero Bytes





Toast Titanium 10.0.1 on MacOS 10.5.x Intel dual



I launch Toast and successfully burn the first project of the day.


When that project is done, I select the top level folder in Toast's window and click the "remove" button. Now Toast's main window contains no files.


To burn the 2nd project of the day, I switch to Finder, pick a big load of items to burn, and drag them to Toast's window. The items appear there, as they should: lots of files. But when I ask Toast to burn them, I get an error message saying something to the effect "No bytes to burn". It is clear that Toast recognizes that I've specified a large number of files.


Hmmm, when I do the first project, immediately after I drag the items to Toast's window, the software does a quick scan of all the files I gragged in. That must be what sets the byte count for the prospective burn.


How do I trigger that scan for the 2nd burn?


As a workaround, I quite and re-launch Toast, easy enough, but there must be an easier way.






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Toast has a New Disc selection in the File menu when something is currently in the window. So rather than delete the content in the window, choose New Disc.




I looked for terms like "new project" but couldn't translate that to "new disk".


Solved. Thanks!




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