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Dvd's Burnt Using Toast Glitch And Freeze Towards End Of Movie





I am new to the forum, hope you are all well... I'm sure this is a common or at least a previously heard of problem,


It's quite simple really. When burning DVD's from an .avi or mp4 file (avi most of the time), the DVD, once burnt successfully, will play fine for the first 75% of the movie without any problems or quality issues, and then after that it will start to glitch up at certain parts, it gradually becomes worse and it then freezes completely for sometimes 5 or 6 seconds and then jumps to another part of the movie, usually 10 minutes down the line. It might then play for 2 or 3 more minutes and then the same thing will happen again. Eventually, it will end up on the closing credits and you have missed the last 30 minutes of the movie.


Any suggestions for me??


I normally use Verbatim DVD-R's. I currently have Sony DVD-RW and burnt a movie last week using this and still had the same issue.


Is it anything to do with the speed at which I am burning?? Toast usually takes about 3 hours to encode the .avi and burn the actual DVD once its done that??


Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong


Thanks in advance... :rolleyes:

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I don't think you're doing anything wrong. It appears to me there is some reason the disc is not either being burned the way it should or is not being read the way it should. I'm presuming you tested the playback on your Mac as well as on your DVD player.


Try choosing Save as Disc Image (File menu) instead of clicking the burn button. Then burn the DVD using the Image File setting in the Copy window. Choose the slowest available burn speed that is shown after the blank disc is inserted and recognized.


You also can mount the disc image file and preview it with DVD Player. If it plays okay there then you know the problem is not with the encoding.


You might consider getting a laser-cleaning disc. It might be an issue with dust on the read laser.

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Okay, I used the 'save as disc image' option and then it gave me a a few folders, one of which had the video files split into 4 parts...


I then played through these and flicked back and forth through them, mostly on the end part of the film, which is where the problem usually occurs... All seemed to be fine, which suggests the problem isn't with the encoding, but the actual burning process itself...


i am trying a laser cleaner disc, not sure how successful that will be.



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