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Artifacts Burning Eyetv Hd Video Onto Bd-r Disc


I was wondering if anyone could suggest a way to minimize/eliminate artifacts I am seeing in a Eyetv HD recording that I added into Toast and created blu-ray disc. In general, the blu-ray disc plays fine on my player (Sony s301, latest updates). But once in a while, and immediately after a scene change, I see a collection of small block artifacts at the bottom edge of TV screen that after a second or two get filled in with video data. After the blocks are filled in, everything is fine for a while until another scene change which could cause the same thing to happen. When I look at the original Eyetv source video on my computer through Eyetv player, there are no artifacts. Note: Original source video has lots of fast action scenes.


I first created BD disc image file on Toast using best video setting, then burned BD-R disc from image file. I've noticed that the image file is almost exactly the same size as my original source Eyetv file. I'm burning onto a Ridata BD-R disc from a LG GBW-H20L on my Mac Pro (intel).

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