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Project Won't Burn - Locks Up Computer

33 RPM in an IPod world


I have been using Creator 9 and have successfully burned a few video projects. Then I bought an HP Pavilion that runs Vista.


Every time I tried to burn a DVD in My DVD, Roxio quit responding, my entire system locked up, and I had to hold down the button on the computer to shut down. I have ample RAM and hard drive space and the computer is only a week old, so I assume the drivers are up to date. I thought the problem was with Vista. I downloaded the patch for a 64 bit system, but that didn't work. I installed the update from the Roxio site, but that didn't work. I upgraded to Creator 2009 and the same thing happens.


In installing both Roxio products, I received a message saying that a program was attempting to install a driver that was not Windows authorized. I uninstalled and reinstalled using the F8 function to disable signature authorization. The device manager still shows a driver from Roxio without a check mark and labled not signature authorized.


I have burned video from windows on the device, so I don't think I'm using the wrong media (DVD+R.) I don't even get a dialogue box after I hit burn, so I can't save it as an image file on my hard drive.


My project previews beautifully in My DVD with all the menu buttons working. I just don't know where to go from here. Can you help?



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I spent several hours (because I had never done it before and was being careful) following the instructions for a clean install. Now it sometimes locks up the system when I try to burn a project and sometimes while it's still loading.


I am so frustrated. I have spent many hours working on this project with Roxio locking up every few minutes and some of the features not working, but I am very happy with the result and now I can't burn it.


Do I have to get a different software package and start over?


I am running Vista Home Premium with a 64 bit system. Is there a compatibility issue?

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