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Making A Large Slide Show - Caveats?



I am making a large slide show for my wife's 60th birthday. I have been trying to use Adobe Encore CS4 but the program gets exponentially slower as i add more slides and is now basically unusable.


Has anyone made a large slide show (600 slides) broken up into say, 11 Chapters, in Creator 2009?


My computer is a single processor PC, Intel Pentium 4, 2.6Mhz with 4gb ram, running XP.


Thank you in advance!



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Don't see why it would be a problem if done correctly… A DVD holds 1 hour at best quality, 3600sec / 600 slides = 6 sec per slide…


I wouldn't use Chapters but would create Menu buttons in their place.


I would start in VideoWave and create a VW Project (dmsm) file of each 'button' – 11 projects.


Then when all is what I want, go to MyDVD and bring in those 11 projects.


Hint – before you frustrate yourself and paint yourself into a corner, make 11 mini projects (3 slides each) in VW. Then go into MyDVD and try different ways of adding them. Use Preview and even burn to a DVD RW and test it out on your TV.


I did one of 11 short clips (8mm movie conversions) recently and found that creating the pages manually and limiting each to 3 buttons worked best for me…


Note the Menu structure in the Project View! If I let MyDVD add the pages on its' own, the sequence got mixed up.



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