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Silent Install



The comany I work for has given me a quest to create a .bat for a silent install for Roxio EMC 8... no problem..... however, it appears the switches my boss was provided, ergo, the ones I hold in my hands is just an updated list from a previous version of Roxio.

I've gotten the .bat to uninstall version(s) 5 and\or 7 that are being used right now and silently install version 8... few problems though...

A) the switches that were provided are as follows for witholding the instalation for the specific applications

CC Creator Apps

VW VideoWave

D2D DragToDisc

DC DiscCopier

SE Sound Editor

PS PhotoSuite

DIG Ditital Home

AM Audio Master

DragToDisc and Creator are the only two that are even the slightest bit familier :)

I don't want any multimedia stuff installed at all... just the Drag-to-disc and Creator clasic... possibly the photo app... but none of the "initials" work to keep anything from being installed... the labelmaker app isn't even an option to keep off....

Is there anyone who knows anything about this? I've called tech support twice and they haven't konwn squat.... naturally after a 45 min hold each time...


I just want to get this thing resolved...




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