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Applet - Roxio Cd Burning Applet For Windows Media Player File Version



Can anyone tell me if I can DELETE the entire Roxio file that is inside my program files for Windows Media Player (version 9.00-something).


PROBLEM: I am trying to install AVG free antivirus Ver. 8.5 and the installation wizard says this: "Installer has detected that there is an outdated version of the program Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator, which contains a bug that (among others) can cause problems with AVG 8.5. We recommend you to update this software prior to installation of AVG 8.5. An update package is available on the Roxio web page."


This is only an APPLET within Windows Media Player, and I could not find any way to update the applet. When I try to upgrade Windows Media Player, the Windows Media Configuration Manager tells me: "You have the latest version of Windows Media Player 9 Series and all its components. No update is available at this time."


I contacted LIVE CHAT at Roxio to ask for help, and after checking for me, I was told this: "Clayton: The product you are inquiring about is a "legacy" application and is no longer supported by Technical Support. To keep our software prices competitive, Roxio Technical Support agents only support the latest release and one version previous - however Knowledgebase and Discussion Group support will still be available. If you wish to continue receiving Technical Support with a Roxio agent, please upgrade to the most recent version of your product"


I then called the telephone number he gave me and could only talk to a sales person, who referred me to HERE in the discussion forums, but I don't see any place for Roxio APPLETS that belong to Windows Media Player.


QUESTION: Can I simply delete the entire Roxio folder that resides within my Windows Media Player folder in my program files? Roxio does not show up if I do "Add/Remove Programs" and there are only four files within that Roxio folder.


The four files inside my Roxio folder are as follows:


wmburn,File Version, called "Roxio CD Burning Applet for Windows Media Player"


wmburn.rxc, no version, just called an RXC file.


wm1033.lng, no version, just called an LNG file.


rsl.dll, File Version, called "Roxio Support Library" support dll.


PLEASE answer whether these four files can be DELETED, or if there is a way to update this APPLET for my Windows Media Player? My AVG anti-virus installation is "on hold" until I can clear this mess up!

Thank you.

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The only bug is with the free AVG 8.5 junkware. Do a Google, and you will find the cure for many programs.



THANK YOU! I will just leave things as they are then, and proceed with my AVG anti-virus installation. I guess I just take these warnings too literally.


If you or anyone can tell me if I can delete the entire Roxio folder since I don't burn CDs, that would be good too, if I don't need it.

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The applet is an integral part of Windows Media Player. It's built-in there by Microsoft, and not an added afterthought. If you delete it you will have to accept any untoward effects that produces. Check with Microsoft.

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