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Chapter Markers In Toast 8



How do I make chapter markers for a movie inside of Toast? I tried going from iMovie to toast but it didn't work, so I was wondering if it was possible to make chapter markers right inside of Toast. This would be very helpful. (Toast 8)


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Which version of iMovie are you using? Toast recognizes the iMovie chapter markers when you drag the iMovie project file to Toast rather than exporting the movie from iMovie and adding that to Toast. You can add the project file using by clicking Movies with the top button of the Toast Media Browser presuming the project file is in your Movies folder.


There is no way to place chapters in specific places in Toast. However, Toast usually automatically places chapter markers in 5-minute intervals. With some kinds of video formats Toast also lets you change the time interval for the placement of chapter markers in a window that appears by clicking the Edit button next to the video title.

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