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Edit Audio From .vob File On Dvd

Bruce R Carson


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In our church we record the service on a DVD recorder that formats in vob files. How do we eddit (correct, filter,&etc) the audio using Roxio Creator 2009 Ultimate that we just purchased. Sales indicated that it would be a easy task.


Load the VOB file onto your computer. Go to Media Manager and navigate to the file. Right click and select extract audio. Select wav file. Open Sound Editor, add that wav file, and do your editing. Export the file to a folder where you know it is. Open Video Wave, add the VOB file, go to timeline. Select to show the native track and then mute it. Add the wav file to any of the other audio tracks.


Note that if you decide to cut out a section of the audio, it will not line up to the video. You would have to export multiple files and add them individually.


The procedure is easy but time consuming.


By the way, you may have to change the extension of the VOB file to mpg2. Video Wave will accept the VOB file as is but I don't know if you can do the audio extraction from the VOB extension. My guess is yes but I don't have any VOB files to try it on.


You may want to watch this. It should give you some understanding of the process. It may take some time to load and start playing (it is silent).

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If you don't have to do too much correction, Videowave does have some built-in audio filtering and equalizer. Just add the VOB to the project. Right in Storyboard or Timeline and select EDIT>Native Audio. There is an option to Clean and the Equalizer. For more advanced audio, follow Steve's procedure.

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