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Video Compression



Hi All,


Another quick question ... Is Toast 10 or Toast 10 Pro good at compressing AVI to DVD? When I use iDVD on my Mac I can only get 2 x 350Mb AVI files onto a standard DVD!! I got 24 x 350Mb AVI files to DVD burn and really need Toast 10 to burn more than just two AVI files otherwise its a waste of money for me. Any idea of how many files I might be able to fit on a standard DVD ??


Help and comments appreciated



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Your best choice is to make DivX DVDs which are playable on those DVD players that also have DivX playback compatibility. It will save youf time and discs and have better picture quality. A DivX disc is basically a data disc. A larger percentage of AVI's are DivX videos.


Toast will re-encode the AVI's to full-resolution MPEG 2 videos with compressed AC-3 audio. iDVD uses uncompressed PCM audio so there is less room for video on the disc. Toast can fit more than 3 hours of video to a single-layer video DVD. The more you fit on a disc, the lower the picture quality because of the greater compression required.

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