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Continuous Slideshow Loop



I've created a customized slideshow, with dissolving transitions, and saved the entire file was I was fine with, to be burned to a DVD and played on a regular DVD player. Is there any way to get it to automatically loop continuously back to the beginning? I've searched the help menus and the forums, but there's no mention of this, at least for a slideshow.

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Create your slideshow using Videowave. Is this the application you used to create the slideshow?


Open MyDVD. Select DVD no menus as project type. Then bring in the Videowave dmsm file. Create an image file and then burn the image file ontoDVD. The DVD should loop continuously.

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I used Slideshow. Can you not do it that way? It seems to me this ought to be simple!


Also, does this mean I have to start from scratch, with all the reordering? There are over 150 pictures....

Video work is never simple…


Yes you can do it the way you did, assuming you saved the file!


Do as Jess told you, Open MyDVD set it to No Menus and pick the dmss (Slideshow) file.


For future projects use VW and MyDVD. They won't let you down!


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Thanks, Jim, this did actually work. Though you'd think someone would create a simple and easily visible "loop" option somewhere.... just a suggestion.

It is simple – after you know where they hide it :lol:


As I said, nothing simple about Video – too many people wanting too many things. :huh:


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