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Creator 2009 Has Stopped Working



I am a new ROXIO Creator customer, and first tried to install the program without success. I kept getting the message "the wizard was interrupted" and a roll-back of the last install.


In the end I religiously followed the VISTA cleanup instructions, and ALSO logged in as a special user with admin privileges separate from my "daily account, and ALSO disabled my security suite (Kaspersky). After the removal the installation now seemingly went OK, and ended in a system reboot.


However, if I try to launch the program the "Roxio" graphic appears, immediately followed by the VISTA error message "Roxio has stopped working", no suggestion of a repair, after which the program exits.


Based on some suggestions elsewhere in these illustrious circles, I performed the whole cleanup and install a second time, simply to make sure that no error had been made in clearing registry keys, with exactly the same positive installation outcome, but the same inoperable software result.


Based on another input I read, I then applied Creator2009 SP3, where, again, the procedure went OK, but the program remained "dead in the water".


Does anybody have an idea? I would be most grateful, as I currently sit on a media publishing job with a deadline.


By the way: in the mean time I have found a very similar complaint under this topic. But the three possible solutions do not apply to me:


  1. The problem persists if network traffic is blocked
  2. I DO have milcore.dll in my windows/system32 folder
  3. I DO NOT have ipoint.exe running


Dear all,


This thread can be closed. By accident I looked into WINDOWS Update and saw that after my ROXIO installation, which also installed .NET framework 3.5, the SP1 was ready to be installed. That installation went OK and afterwards Roxio Creator 2009 started without a hitch


Best regards,

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