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Creator 2009 Install And Re-install On Windows Xp

whats wrong now


I have Windows XP Media Edition with Service Pack 3 installed, everything up to date.

It came with the Roxio software which preceded the Sonic software.

I down loaded the Creator software and it seemed to work OK. I then made the mistake of deleting what was left of the old Roxio software. Other operator errors required me to restore my computer to an earlier state. (A backup is invaluable some times)

My first problem was that I had to download the Creator program again. I went to the Roxio website, go to the support tab, select support home menu. One of the top topics is "How to re-download software". There is a link to "find my order". There will be a couple of ways to find your order number once selected.

If you have sat through this massive download a second time, I don't have to tell you to save it to a flash drive or something in case something goes wrong again!

I installed the program, got to the net frame 3.5, which I refused, and install crashed.

Ran install again, accepting net frame 3.5 and send report to Microsoft. Net frame install gave "setup error", and stopped. I sent the error report to Microsoft. then the installation continued on it's own. The computer rebooted at the end of installation.

I then started Creator 2009 and got "encountered error - send report to Microsoft", which I did. In the message sent box, there was a link to "How to Prevent in Future". That takes you to the Roxio Creator service pack 3 download. Save it to your computer, (remember where it is), and close the browser. Note: if you are using the Ultimate edition, see the bottom of the page.

Run the service pack upgrade, which forces a reboot. Start Creator again, and it takes you to the Registration page.


DO NOT delete what's left of the legacy Sonic software unless you are sure you don't want it. It will be gone forever.


Before you think it is broken, take a long break. Then play with it some more. The options interface seems to be awfully complicated for someone who is not familiar with the quirks of this software package. Especially if you are used to the old Sonic package.



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