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How To Move To The Content?



Dear all,


This must seem a stupid question, but I am a crass newbie to Roxio Creator.


I have created my storyline with video creator and burnt it to disk OK. When I then insert the disk (whatever the rendering program) into my computer it shows the title on screen and I have no possibility to start the content.


What am I doing wrong?

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Not sure how you created the disc. Videowave is the application you should use for editing, add transitions and/or effects. You then save that file as .dmsm, open MyDVD and the add that Video project file to burn a disc. When you add a video file or Videowave project file to MyDVD, it will automatically create a 'button' that is used to play the video.


If you can tell us exactly how you are creating the disc, perhaps we can help you better.

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