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Help For A Blu_ray Beginner



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Either you work with macs or Pc_s I think, dragging files between them are always tricky due to codec errors.


The best workflow that I could think of is to export your edited media from your mac out to tape and capture that tape into some editing app on your Pc , this way getting a file for exporting to Dvdit Pro

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Export to HDV file (seperate streams) Then import into DVDit. Let DVDit do all the encoding. You may have to re-encode the audio as DVDit sometime doesn't like the audio stream from Avid.

Another option (which takes much longer) is to do a video mixdown in avid then export video and audio as QTref. The import QTREF into DVDit. DVDit will drag really slow when authoring as it doesn't handle the streams very well and plays them back extremely jerky and out of sync, but the finished DVD will be fine.

Option 3: Get Adobe Encore. I hate Adobe (yes, I know it's not nice to hate) but Encore is far supirior to DVDit in many ways. Ever notice there is no "upgrade" anywhere to be found for DVDit Pro HD?

It's because it hasn't been upgraded but once and it's like pulling teeth to get it. Also, Encore handle any files and if you're authoring to blu-ray, you can also add the really nice blu-ray popup menu. A feature NOT available on DVDit Pro HD. That said, I uses DVDit Pro HD when I need a quick DVD with no menus or any special authoring. Hell, I paid for it, I have to use it for something.

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