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Can't Install Creator 2009 But Can Install Mydvd Video Lab



O.K., the first thing you're probably wondering is why I'm installing MyDVD Video Lab AND Creator 2009. Let me explain.


Several months ago I purchased MyDVD Video Lab (hereafter Video Lab) and installed it on my laptop. I used this for a few months and then purchased Creator 2009. Realizing there may be a conflict between Video Lab and Creator 2009, I un-installed Video Lab BEFORE I installed Creator 2009.


Here's where things start to go sour. After installing Creator 2009, I had troubles with CinePlayer. Mainly CinePlayer would try to install (even though I already installed it) whenever Windows Media Player would start. After cancelling the install of CinePlayer, Media Player would play the video. However, this would continue (CinePlayer starting to install) EVERY time I tried to view a video. I tried several times to re-install Roxio and when that didn't work, I uninstalled Creator and started over again with the same results: CinePlayer tries to install when I try to play certain videos.


So, I came to the forum and found all sorts of possible solutions. Most of them involve doing a clean install. So I do the clean install but all of a sudden, I can't complete the install. The install goes to about 40% and then rollbacks. Again, I come to the forum and most of the advice points to a clean install.


I do this a couple of times and get really frustrated. Since I needed to edit a video I decide to uninstall Creator 2009 or more correctly remove any traces of Creator 2009 (using Clean Install instructions) and install MyDVD Video Lab (version 10). Guess what, Video Lab installs without a hitch. All of the progams run and I don't get that irritating message about CinePlayer trying to install when playing videos.


So this gets me to thinking. And this is where I need some help.


I thought that one of the reasons I couldn't get thru a Creator 2009 installation was because of left over components from Video Lab but doing the clean install routine should have eliminated any "left over" Video Lab components? Since many of the components of Video Lab are contained in Creator 2009, and I'm able to do a complete install with Video Lab but not Creator 2009, does this mean my install DVD of Creator 2009 is defective?


And what would happen if I "upgraded" my Video Lab (version 10) by installing Creator 2009? Since many of the components are the same, would it be possible that installing Creator 2009 ON TOP of Video Lab would allow me to do a successful install of Creator 2009?


The one suggestion I saw that I haven't tried is copying the DVD contents to my hard drive and then doing a install.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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VideoLab 10 is based on EMC 10 and there is absolutely no conflict between the 2. (my personal preference – 2009 is a complete Suite why install a wannabe?)


There is a pinned post at the top here regarding the Rollback issue.


I would apply that then go one or 2 ways.


Print and follow, line for line, the clean install.


You did not mention your OS… The .NET 3.5 SP1 can cause problems in XP.


Another 'solution' is to get a new HD – put it on as C:\ and start fresh. There are utilities to transfer data and settings which make it pretty easy. It sounds extreme until you stop and count the advantages of doing this way…


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