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Video Wave 8



I am new to DVD burning as well as EMC 8.


Software is EMC8, VideoWave8 on Windows XP.

My video source is a Sony DCR-HC36 via firewire.


I capture the video with no problems. During the capture the scenes are marked correctly.

My question is when add this video to VW8, none of the scenes are broken up in the storyboard. All I get is one big movie file.


I have used Windows Movie Maker and during capture every scene is separated in the storyboard view so that deletions, edits, transitions, and effects.


I have used the Media Manager and detected scenes. But this did not seem to do me any good because the only scene that I could drag on drop in the VW8 Storyboard view was the first scene.


I want to be able to edit scenes, shorten them, delete them, reorganize them, as well as add scenes from another file, As well as edit in transitions and music.


I did this fine with WMM 2.0, I have only made one DVD, but I thought going to EMC8 I would have the same if not more control in my production.


I have read some of the posts, and from what I gather and have began doing is, manually splitting the scenes in the timeline mode.


Any help would be great as I want to make home DVD's for the family.



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Well you're really close. You have to use the Media Selector. The detected 'scenes' should show up. You can drag all or any scene to the storyboard or timeline.


Do NOT use the 'add photo/video'. Select the 'Show Media Selector' under tools.


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In the Media Selector in the left pane, you have 3 different 'views': My Media, My Albums, Folders. You have to be in My Media or My Album to see detected scenes. You should only have to detect scenes only once.


File Not Added error: Make sure you didn't accidently grab another file. One problem with My Album view is that it retain thumbnails of files that have been deleted through Explorer. You have to remove those thumbnails manually.

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I tried what you said. I have a video file with all of the scenes marked, or separated.


While using VideoWave 8, in the Storyline mode, I open the Media Selector and I see my video with the scenes seperated :huh: But when I drag a scene onto the story board I get the error "One or more of the files you are trying to add cannot be edited, and have not been added" :)


Also if I use the Timeline mode all i get is the slashed circle when I try to drag a video. The only video that will transfer is the first scene, and then it transfers the entire video without any scene detection.


This sucks.


I also notice while in the media selector when I go to the folders view, my files do not show any scenes, but I do have the option to detect scenes. How can I view the scenes again?

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