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Capture Only ?



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Hi Guys,


This is great!!! Just what the doctor ordered! Now I can buy Vhs To DVD.


Thanks again for your help...Harry

Sure, just send me your money and… :rolleyes:


No – none of us work for Roxio! You can buy it on line here or do some shopping around.


One advantage of buying it here – it is returnable if it doesn't work. Any place else, it would be between you and the store!


Do you have any other Roxio software?


If you do, you could save $10 and just buy the Roxio USB Capture device. It is just hardware and drivers and you would use your existing software. (I have tested it with V6 & V7)


But the V2D software package is the Video portion of the Creator 2009 which is top notch! It is cut down but missing very little.


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In addition to what Larry suggested---Open VHS to DVD program and as suggested, click on "Capture Video" Capture each of your VHS videos and save each with a separate name to a folder of your choice (use the options in the program to tell it where to save your captured videos. Once you have captured each tape and saved it, in the program, click on the option "Video/Movies". Then click on the next option under "Edit and Transfer", click on "Edit Video". This will bring up the program "Videowave". Click on "New production" and then O.K.


When the Videowave program comes up, Click on "Add Photo/Video" (upper left corner of the options). Then go to the folder where you saved each of your captured tapes and click on a separate one or several of them (Hold down the CTRL key if you want to add more than one) and then click on "OPEN". If your screen is set for the "Timeline" view you will see each of the videos you added. You will also see in the "Storyline" view each of the videos in each slide box. Then if you are familiar with the Videowave program, follow with any editing or additions you want and then burn to DVD.


Hope that helps.



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