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Have you tried this?It's from the support page.


Using Roxio Assistant: Roxio Assistant is designed to correct Engine Initialization errors. If Easy CD & DVD Creator's Engine does not initialize, the applications in Easy CD & DVD Creator will not recognize your recorder.


After running Roxio assistant, you should update Easy CD & DVD Creator as described above in "Updating Your Software to the Latest Version:".


  1. RoxAssist.exe is located at:
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\Upgrade\RoxAssist.exe
    (Note: If you have modified the installation of Windows or Easy CD & DVD Creator, the file may be located in a different location.)
  2. After running this program you should receive the message "Engine initialized successfully with full recorder support".
  3. If you do not receive the message, update your Virus software and then check and clean your system for viruses. After the removal of any viruses, uninstall and then reinstall Easy CD & DVD Creator (use "Add Remove Programs" in "Control Panel".)

Roxio Assistant: In some instances Roxio Assistant may require the installation CD, not allowing you to "Cancel" with out it. In this case you will need to insert the Easy CD & DVD Creator install disc into your drive so that Roxio Assistant will have access to needed files.








CD or DVD drive Not Recognized:


  1. Run Roxio assistant as described above.
  2. Update Easy CD and DVD Creator as described above.
  3. Support for Newer Recorders: Your CD or DVD drive may be newer than the drives Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 already supports. You can add support for newer drives by using the Roxio Updater. You may also check our online database for supported drives at: <a href="http://rpp.roxio.com/drives/?page=supported_drives"'>http://rpp.roxio.com/drives/?page=supported_drives" class="bodyLink">http://rpp.roxio.com/drives/?page=supported_drives
  4. Is Drag-to-Disc Interfering: You may not be able to use your burner (CD/DVD recorder), or the burner may not be recognized if it is already being used by another Easy CD & DVD Creator application (for example, Drag-to-Disc).

Drag-to-Disc uses formatted discs, Easy CD & DVD Creator's: Creator Classic, AudioCentral, Disc Copier, PhotoSuite, and DVD Builder all need blank unformatted discs. Remove the formatted disc and replace it with a blank, unformatted disc.


Here are some behaviors that indicate the disc in the burner is a formatted disc:


  • Disc Copier will say "Reserved by Roxio Drag-to-Disc Kernel
  • AudioCentral will say "The device . . . Has been reserved by another application..."
  • PhotoSuite will not allow you to select "Record" when making a VCD
  • DVD Builder will only allow you to "Save Project as Image File on Hard Disk"

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Apparently you missed the FREQUENT ANSWERS post pinned to the top of the board, which indicates what information is needed to make an INFORMED guess.


However, since Version 6 has onboard recognition software (instead of needing to download lists of updates) to recognize the burner, one problem I've seen repeatedly is that there isn't a burner to recognize.


This has happened most frequently when someone assusmes that a Combo drive (CD-RW/DVD-ROM) will burn DVDs simply by adding software. However, to burn DVDs you need a DVD-RW (DVD burner).


I've also seen it happen when someone has a CD-ROM, which cannot be turned into a burner no matter what software is used.


Burning is different from reading, and that is a hardware thing, not a software thing.


With no clues to the identity of the drive in question, my first guess is that the drive isn't recognized as a burner because it actually ISN'T a burner.



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